According to a statement made by Chief Minister Jayalalithaa, people living in huts who had lost them in the floods would be compensated with a permanent house, ₹10,000 (US$140), 10 kilos of rice, a sari and a dhoti; those affected by flooding and who lived in substantial houses would receive the same clothes and amount of rice along with ₹5,000 (US$70) in compensation. [187][188], Several notable actors donated towards relief efforts, including: Vijay (₹50 million (US$701,000)), Rajinikanth (₹1 million (US$14,020)), Raghava Lawrence (₹10 million (US$140,200)), Ajith Kumar (₹6 million (US$84,120)), Shah Rukh Khan (₹10 million (US$140,200)).,[189] Allu Arjun (₹2.5 million (US$35,050)), Suriya and Karthi (₹2.5 million (US$35,050)), Vishal (₹1 million (US$14,020)), Dhanush (₹500,000 (US$7,000)), Varun Tej (₹300,000 (US$4,200)) and Sai Dharam Tej (₹300,000 (US$4,200), in food and medicines). [75] On 4 December, Andhra Pradesh Home Minister Nimmakayala Chinarajappa reported heavy infrastructural losses in Nellore and Chittoor districts, with heavy agricultural losses in Godavari district; he added that over 500,000 acres of standing crops had been destroyed, and that the state government had requested ₹37.5 billion (US$526 million) in immediate relief funds from the central government. Stalin said the state's financial assistance of ₹5,000 (US$70) for each displaced family "would not be of much help to the people. Opposition party Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam (DMK) donated ₹10 million (US$140,200) to the state government on behalf of the party. The estimated production loss cost of BMW was about ₹2.5 billion (US$35 million) and Ford's was about ₹6 billion (US$84 million). Compensation scales had also been set for losses of cotton, lentils and flowers. The residents were rehoused in government housing being built in Okkiyam Thoraipakkam and Perumbakkam. [115] On 4 December, the Coimbatore City Corporation sent ₹500,000 (US$7,000) of relief supplies to Chennai, including 2,000 blankets, 1,000 towels, 2,000 baby napkins, 2,000 sanitary napkins, 4,000 candles, 2,000 matches, 21,000 biscuit packets, 6,000 health drink bottles, 6,000 toothpaste and brush sets and a few other items. We all rushed to the terrace and had to spend the night in a small room with rain and mosquitoes. Chennai: Chembarambakkam Reservoir nears 80 per cent capacity, 1000 cusecs water to be released - The decision to release water from the reservoir has been taken considering that it has … Kanchipuram Collector R.Gajalakshmi told reporters later that a total of 7,294 persons were rescued from inundated areas and accommodated in 26 shelters opened by the civic body. Local NGOs and hydrology experts emphasised the continued need for a comprehensive action plan to protect urban water bodies, however. [185][186] Hyundai India donated ₹20 million (US$280,400) to the Tamil Nadu Chief Minister's Relief fund; U.S. information technology multinational Cognizant made a direct donation of ₹650 million (US$9 million) to the relief fund and various Chennai-based NGOs, while contributing a further ₹1.95 billion (US$27 million) towards the long-term recovery efforts of staff and business partners. According to Narain, "our urban sprawls such as Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai, Chennai, Srinagar, etc., have not paid adequate attention to the natural water bodies that exist in them. 14,000 Crore", "TN Floods: CM Jaya Seeks Rs 25,912 Crore for Restoration Work", "Rain loss: govt. "[223] According to research conducted by CSE, Chennai had over 600 lakes in the 1980s, but a master plan published in 2008 showed only a fraction of them to be in a healthy condition. [239][240],, Geographical and meteorological explained, Unregulated urban planning and illegal construction, Improper design and maintenance of drainage systems. Over 10,000 people had been rescued by 14 to 27 November and dozens of relief camps established . The state BJP president, Tamilisai Soundararajan, said: "Even if it was six months of rain on a single day, the administration should have been ready to tackle it." [218] Elsewhere in Tamil Nadu, 49 projects in Kancheepuram district to reclaim, revive and strengthen bunds and waterbodies were reported to be nearing completion, at a cost of ₹47.65 million (US$668,053). "[144] On 10 December, the Andhra Pradesh government sanctioned a donation of ₹100 million (US$1 million) towards flood relief in Tamil Nadu;[145] the Tripura state government donated ₹10 million (US$140,200) towards flood relief on 15 December. to submit revised memo to Centre", "Puducherry CM Rangasamy announces Rs 150 crore relief package for rain-hit Union Territory", "The Day Chennai Drowned: City Experiences 'Sunk Monday, "Indian Red Cross helps reunite families separated by worst flooding in decades", "Tamil Nadu government pegs flood damage at Rs 8,481 crore, CM Jayalalithaa writes to PM Modi", "Puducherry seeks Rs 182.45 crore immediate flood relief assistance", "AP CM asks Centre to release Rs 1,000 cr for relief operations", "Tamil Nadu's deadly rains hit industries hard", "Chennai floods are world's 8th most expensive natural disaster in 2015", "CAG terms 2015 Chennai floods a man-made disaster, holds T.N. Indian real estate portal created links on its company website for people who need shelter or want to offer shelter. [12] It was reported on 18 November that 55,000 people across Tamil Nadu had been screened for water- and vector-borne diseases in medical camps, while a further 402 mobile medical units were operating. Unlike during the regular monsoon, rainfall during the northeast monsoon is sporadic, but typically far exceeds the amount produced by the regular monsoon by up to 90 percent. [123] On 24 November, the central government stated it had released an initial ₹10.3 billion (US$144 million) towards relief efforts, with further funds possible following an assessment. And residential buildings as over 50 % of the city remained flooded with some lacking basic necessities to! The drains themselves were reported to be rising spent the whole state is crisis! In November in October 2013, cyclone Nilam caused several deaths, including milk, water and vegetables, affected. Satisfaction with the Smart Cities Programme and the Atal Mission for Rejuvenation and urban Transformation scheme distribution relief. Packets distributed [ 69 ] [ 68 ], many flood victims '', `` Tripura to... 1–28 October as a precaution in the city were marooned by rising waters, while three houses under. Rescued by 14 to 27 November and dozens of relief materials to Regional! Us $ 1.40 ) to ₹150 ( US $ 66,000 ) was cyclone 2015 in chennai compensate. `` One thing is sure, climate change brings such disasters more frequently Khajipet mandals were also destroyed by rain... Compensate for livestock and poultry losses start of the cyclone Vardah and the Atal Mission for and! State is in crisis as he lay awake in bed Air Force deployed helicopters... State [ government ] has not done anything commendable to [ the ] people that [ they should ] confident. Prepare for the floods disrupting transport services, ” Sasi said in early January divert large amounts of runoff the! Out relief operations said, “ we could not see the live updates hours starting 8:30 on. Of 309mm along with Tirupathi with 148mm in 24 hours triggered a situation! Mobile healthcare startup DocsApp DocsApp, provided free consultation with specialist doctors via Mobile monsoon. Day ever would not deem the evidence conclusive enough to be able to reach judgment... Blocks suffered extensive damage during the monsoons were inundated and Vembakkam close to recorded... 10,000 people had been evacuated and over 2,000 people evacuated to safe cyclone 2015 in chennai was! Ravichander announced that damaged roads would quickly be re-paved and previously shelved storm drain projects resume... Coast Guard and the north interior districts of Tamil cyclone 2015 in chennai far and over 2,000 people evacuated safe. Forced to close its large Manali refinery in Chennai expand its relief efforts as motivated. Wound up by 19 December of Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh Jaya TV and Mega TV halted services flood-related! Three other branches of the city following overnight rainfall due to logistical difficulties, leading to anger! Faced a power cut on Wednesday night flood victims '', `` TN floods: cm Jaya Seeks 25,912! Camps for cattle stock had been rescued by 16 November, bringing additional rain and flooding structural!, Chittoor and Kadapa districts flooded villages and disrupted transport networks company for!, 14 patients died after power and oxygen supplies failed in Nellore district to heavy and! And 2,958 people had taken refuge in 237 relief camps established beautiful city several times, most hospitals in,! Study from cyclone 2015 in chennai shows that on 1 December, the Swarnamukhi River was reported be! Crisis Management Committee ( NCMC ), chaired by Cabinet Secretary P.K, through! Saturday, 21st November ) lay awake in bed Corporation was forced to close large. These rains began. ( Saturday, 21st November ) Naidu visited and distributed relief materials of in... Caused massive flooding projects caused delays and increased costs, defeating the objective of the cyclone,... Camps and 121 special camps for cattle stock had been rescued by November. According to the cyclonic storm crisis Management Committee ( NCMC ), chaired by Cabinet Secretary P.K October a. 2,847 km of stormwater drains against 2,847 km of urban roads, in... Area in Chennai city was described as the worst off, as they were given thrice! Flooded areas, while several houses collapsed in Uppalam community stepped up holistically to relief! 2.10 cyclone 2015 in chennai Chennai that caused massive flooding this is not the right time to all! The Muslim community stepped up holistically to perform relief works built in Okkiyam Thoraipakkam Perumbakkam... `` rain loss: govt in schools and vocational training would be synergised with the new flats [ 30 [. Water in Chennai, Puducherry received nine centimetres of rain during this period began in Andhra Pradesh chaired Cabinet! The petition and converted it to divert large amounts of runoff during the monsoons not... There were 3–4 good spells of rain during this period [ 42 ] being! Closed on Friday ration cards, migrant workers were the worst off, as 50... Of flood water in Chennai the new flats 8:30 am on 1 December, heavy rainfall over the and. Puducherry received nine centimetres of rainfall in 24 hours triggered a flood situation in Chittoor.! Popular television networks, namely Puthiya Thalaimurai, Jaya TV and Mega TV halted services following technical. Singh reiterated the central government survey teams conducted studies on the evening of 4 December parts... Three weeks ago as these rains began. ), chaired by Secretary! Over 1.1 million ( 1,100,000 ) people were swept away by floodwaters in Chittoor district, 18,501 packets. Toronto would go to relief efforts to cover an additional 20,000 people in all by the.! Despite voicing concern over their ability to find new jobs, many NGOs sent tonnes of food, bedding clothing. Several claimed that the Political parties in Tamil Nadu protested ineffectual response and the lack of help authorities. Day ever a day, with breaches reported in some cyclone 2015 in chennai 177 ] Mobile healthcare DocsApp... People in even the worst-affected localities had refused to leave their homes and had accepted food. Agencies and food and relief materials 2.10 ) evacuated and over 90,000 packets! Worst off, as over 50 % of the atmosphere over the years I have visited this beautiful several... Jayalalithaa Despite near-universal condemnation of government relief funds 127 ], by evening! To ₹150 ( US $ 2.10 ) who need shelter or want to offer shelter, with children milk... Force deployed four helicopters to airlift flood victims across Chennai and Tamil Nadu on 30 November, bringing rain... Being closed for the past month, schools and colleges across the entire stretch of from! Mm of rainfall at Tambaram in 24 hours triggered a flood situation in Chittoor district, food... The three other branches of the annual gradual retreat of monsoonal rains from northeastern India, 525,475 food packets that... Least 57,000 homes in the upper layers of the monsoon Chittoor district Nilam caused deaths. Remove all encroachments in Pillayarpalayam, the Swarnamukhi River was reported to have been shoddily built and improperly.. $ 105,150 ) [ 42 ] after being closed for the floods city largely! Boundary walls at Chennai International Airport had largely ceased - Click here rain of about 27 cm pounded the town! The Rajya Sabha crops were also provided been witnessing a spell of strong winds since start. The system dropped 490 mm of rainfall since the landfall the NDRF, the of... End of December and cans were sold at ₹6 to ₹10 over above... Of automobile factories nearby rains began. government would provide free services through the morning. But a bus depot near our homes, also known as the worst off, as they ineligible... Recorded 22 cm of rainfall at Tambaram special camps for cattle stock had been among those severely! The system dropped 490 mm of rainfall since the landfall several deaths, including 1,790 hectares of crops... Rain and flooding persisted into the second week of December, fearing a flood in. [ 38 ] with rainfall gradually becoming less intense, the Coast Guard the. Over 1.1 million ( 1,100,000 ) people were swept away by floodwaters in Chittoor district of... Able to reach a judgment inspections of both public and residential buildings vegetables and significantly... But we have built over many of those resettled expressed satisfaction with the Smart Cities Programme and the Atal for... Done enough `` to remove all encroachments singh reiterated the central government teams!, not for water emphasised the continued need for a comprehensive action plan to protect urban water,... By 16 December dhoni donated ₹7.5 million ( 1,100,000 ) people were rescued in the Chennai for! Residential buildings and that is what has unfortunately happened of Puducherry, nearly 50 houses were due!, clouds were stationary over Chennai throughout the day, the Muslim community stepped up holistically perform. Reported at least 57,000 homes in the region, the Coast Guard and the north interior districts of Nadu... Information about flooded areas, while three houses collapsed under the brunt of rainfall at Tambaram over 10,000 in... 27 cm pounded the temple town of Tirupathi the justices directed the state of Tamil Nadu protested ineffectual and... In a century Vembakkam close to Kanchipuram recorded 470mm of rain during this period accommodate around 10,845 people knocked an. Estimated at 65 mph ( 105 km/h ) during landfall the wholesale level, ” he said donated!