However, if a user needs view access to the data dictionary, then you can grant that user the SELECT ANY DICTIONARY system privilege. So I asked DBA for SELECT grant on required table and I was able to create a view.

SELECT ANY DICTIONARY is a system privelege, while SELECT_CATALOG_ROLE is a role. SELECT_CATALOG_ROLE is more restrictive than SELECT ANY DICTIONARY. March 8, 2015 arcsdegeo 1 Comment. In this topic I will try to make you understand the differences between SELECT ANY DICTIONARY privilege, SELECT ANY TABLE privilege and SELECT_CATALOG_ROLE.

SELECT ANY DICTIONARY in Oracle 12c. If O7_DICTIONARY_ACCESSIBILITY parameter is not set to FALSE, then any user with the DROP ANY TABLE (for example) system privilege will be able to drop parts of the data dictionary.

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This may be fine for querying DBA_TABLES, etc, but the Oracle data dictionary contains a LOT of information.

Hi,When previously mine user had 'SELECT ANY TABLE' privilege, I can view/select data from any table, but was not able to create view on it. Although both have privileges to select from the dictionary views, SELECT ANY DICTIONARY allows the user to see the source code of package bodies and triggers which are normally avilable to the DBAs. Before proceed it is nice if you remember that ,•If you have O7_DICTIONARY_ACCESSIBILITY=TRUE then SELECT ANY TABLE privilege provides access to all SYS and non-SYS objects.•If you have O7_DICTIONARY_ACCESSIBILITY=FALSE then SELECT ANY… Teams. What is difference between 'SELECT ANY TABLE' privilege and 'SELECT' grant on table?- … Q&A for Work.

If you create a database link like this: create database link MY_LINK connect to SOME_USER identified by SOME_USER_PASSWORD using 'tns_alias' ; Then a user with 'SELECT ANY DICTIONARY' would be able to see the password in clear text with this query: select definition: 1. to choose a small number of things, or to choose by making careful decisions: 2. of only the…. Tightening Security with SELECT ANY DICTIONARY in Oracle 12c Developers and users sometimes request the SELECT ANY DICTIONARY system privilege to enable them to view various data dictionary tables.

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